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Saxophone Graphic

Embouchure Formation Strategies for Classical and Jazz Saxophonists

Introduction Forming a correct embouchure is one of the most important aspects of playing the saxophone. Without a...
Gustav Holst

Studying Band Excerpts for Trumpet: First Suite in E-flat for Military...

Organist, trombonist, and composer Gustav Holst was one of Britain’s most celebrated musicians.  In addition to his famous pieces for band (the...

Legion of Honor

John Palmer

John Palmer

Michael Pakaluk

Michael Pakaluk

Where Are They Now?

Lisa Butts

Lisa Butts

Simon Austin

Simon Austin

Featuring composer, Robert W. Smith, in an interview and video from performances at Western...


Cenotaph Cover

Concerto for 23 Winds #4 Allegro Molto

by Walter S. Hartley

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