Thursday, April 26, 2018


drum set

Playing the Drum Set – A Guide for Beginners

  So… you want to play the drums? Chapter One:  Anatomy of a Drum Set  Anatomy of a Drum Set Parts of a Drum Cymbals Putting it All Together Chapter Two:...

A Trombone Experience

Introduction Welcome to “A Trombone Experience.” This method book and DVD are designed for use in school music programs, group lessons, and private lessons as...

Legion of Honor

Lorne Reid

Adam Wilke

Adam Wilke

Where Are They Now?

Tom Torrento

Tom Torrento

Simon Austin

Simon Austin

This Novos Radio/TV program features composer Alfred Reed from a 2005 interview.


A Tribute to John Williams

Swing, Swing, Swing from “1941”

by John Williams Album Title: OUR BAND HERITAGE VOLUME 31   Recording: The...

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