Bandworld Magazine was created by M. Max McKee and produced in print form like all other magazines (1985-2004). Max had been an early adopter of technology and used Apple computers to help with the development of this great idea.

After 94 issues, a move was made to create a digital platform for the delivery of the magazine. Son, Randy, came up with the web design that kept the Magazine organized into issues as it was during earlier editions but based on an HTML web format. This new method provided a way by which digital files, including audio and videos, could also be shared. NOVOS was created at that time by Max McKee and Ira Novoselsky, providing interviews and commentary from some of the most influential composers, conductors and soloists of the time.

Starting in 2018, 33 years after that beginning, Bandworld Magazine has taken on a new format of delivery. It is our hope that with a more accessible and free format, the information provided by the many articles, videos, and posts will continue band directors and their students for years to come.