WIBC Audition Packet – Set B was created with the full band in mind during rehearsals. You can hand out the individual parts and play them all together during class time. To allow for optimal instrument ranges, the various audition pieces are in two keys at the same time. The harmonies are perfect fourths or perfect fifths to also foster additional tuning possibilities during full band rehearsal. Our hope is that you will utilize these audition pieces during warm-up time throughout the school year. Your band students will become familiar with the scale, minor etude, and “Danny Boy” which will prepare them to audition for WIBC. We hope you find these new sets of WIBC audition materials useful. Please feel free to share the PDFs or our website with other band directors. You also have permission to use these materials for your own auditions.

STARTING IN 2023: We have developed a harmonized full band arrangement for both keys of the “Danny Boy” solo. Now you can download and play this lyrical piece with the whole band while having the soloist(s) as a feature. This will allow you to work with blend and balance within the ensemble as well as working on the skills it takes to play an accompanying role. It is our pleasure to offer this free of charge, and we encourage you to share this information with your colleagues.

Download WIBC Audition Music – Set B (score and all parts)
Visit the WIBC audition website for more information about WIBC.