Serenade No. 10 Finale

Mozart Symphony no. 10
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by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Recording: London Symphony Orchestra Wind Ensemble
Conductor: Lorenzo Iosco 
Publisher: LSO Live SACD LSO5075           Purchase CD

This legendary composition by Mozart doesn’t need any introduction to orchestra and wind ensemble players. This masterwork for a dozen wind players plus string bass (or contrabassoon) is a historic seven-movement composition for a large ensemble of wind instruments. The choice of string bass is used for this performance and serves as a supportive voice that can be both heard and felt. A pair of basset horns play a very important role within the Serenade; their voices could be considered the predecessors to future harmony clarinets. There are a few modern-day wind ensembles that will revive the basset horn to substitute for or strengthen the alto clarinet usage. The Christmas Clarinets CD reviewed in this issue is a prime example. The performance by the members of the London Symphony Orchestra is most exquisite. Every audio music library should have a quality recording of the Gran Partita and this would be a splendid version.

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