Randy Lee: trumpet/cornet
Tony Offerle: bass/baritone
University of Florida Wind Symphony – Dr. David Waybright, conductor and Jay Watkins, guest conductor
University of Florida Concert Choir – Dr. Will Kesling, conductor
University of Florida Brass Band – Dr. Danielle VanTuinen, conductor
Naples Brass – Steve DeLadurantey, conductor

Publisher: Mark Music Masters 56286-MCD


Echoes of Zion is a modern representation of Mormon and Latter Day Saints music ensembles and brass bands originating in the mid 19th century. Usually at the forefront of these music groups was a solo Bb cornet; sometimes a solo trumpet or Eb cornet. The brass wizardry of Randy Lee shines in this collection of fascinating and historic works with various ensembles. Of special interest is Fisher’s Hornpipe with Lee playing  the role of a fiddle on an Eb cornet accompanied bye two guitars. The famous Carnival of Venice by Jean-Baptiste Arban needs no introduction but Carnival of American Pie combines the beloved composition with Don McLean’s 1971’s folk/rock song American Pie… trust me, it’s worthy of your attention. While not entirely a band CD Echoes of Zion is a music cornucopia for the listener.