Do you remember going to a rehearsal where the players around you really brought their A-Game? Maybe you weren’t having your best day but when you started rehearsing or performing, the energy and the spark from the other players or singers lifted your spirit and raised your own performance level. Or have you ever been around someone that always seemed to find the good in life or the good in you? An interaction with a positive person can shift your feelings and thoughts. How amazing is that?! It turns out that feelings and emotions are contagious.

I know the first thing we all think about today when we talk about something that is highly contagious is COVID-19. But, I want to focus on something that we can take personal control over and create a positive ripple effect, and that is choosing to spread positivity. Choose to spread gratitude, compassion, caring, and empathy. When we choose to focus on positivity, our immune system functions at a higher level, we become better problem solvers, and we are able to work together more collaboratively. If there ever was a time to come together, embrace our differences, and lift up one another, now is the time. Positivity is contagious. Pass it on!