Together, we got this. Over the past few weeks, I have learned some new phrases, such as “social distancing” and “shelter-in-place.” Cautions such as “maintain at least a 6-foot distance” and “wash your hands” have become some of the most urgent warnings. While we are physically becoming more and more secluded, it is critical to remember the importance of human connection. Brené Brown taught us that we are hard wired for connection, love, and belonging. Now, more than ever, it is important to reach out to others and check in with them. Picking up the phone and calling a friend or even someone you have not spoken with in a long time can help others recognize and remember that they matter to you. While we can’t reach out and shake someone’s hand, give them a high-five, a fist bump, or a hug, let people know that you care about them and that they matter. At first, it may seem fine to pull away and get lost binge-watching television shows and playing video games, but what we truly need as human beings physiologically is human connection. Don’t wait for someone else to reach out. Take the first step and let someone know you care. We can’t make it through this alone. We need each other. Remember that, together, we got this.