Oboe for Starters Cover
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Dear Director,

Iʼm thrilled for you to receive a copy of this book to become a part of your resources library! If you are not an oboe player but wish to start oboe students for your ensemble, this book is designed with you in mind. After reading this book, you will have sound advice on how to start beginning oboist successfully. You can use it as a guide in your beginning classes as well as private lessons. Students who have never played the oboe will be coached in six easy to read chapters that are full of visual aids, vocabulary, and music examples. It also covers information that pertains to purchasing an oboe, care and maintenance, solo literature, and technique exercises that further reinforce the material. I know that this book will benefit both the director and student in becoming more familiar with the oboe.


Steven Cline
Hambrick Middle School
Director of Bands