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About This Project As a band teacher and brass player, I found myself desiring better pitch in my woodwind sections without the tools to achieve it! Once I learned some of the basics of woodwind pitch tendencies, I immediately felt more equipped to address problematic intonation in my classroom. However, I as I dug into the study of these pitch tendencies, I discovered that resources were either limited, outdated, or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, full of more information than I could hope to fully memorize. I set out to synthesize the most consistent information I could find across multiple sources and present the information in a digestible, easy to read and reference format. Each set of tuning tendencies was drawn from at least four sources, and both conflicting and reinforcing information was evaluated in the creation of the tendency sets presented here. I also tried to curate what represents critical information so that the process of learning and memorizing pitch tendencies feels both doable and immediately effective in the classroom. The student resource section of this guidebook is designed to provide woodwind students with enough information to discover pitch tendencies through personal study and practice, or alongside the guidance of a teacher. For comprehensive information about all aspects of intonation (including brass instruments), I recommend Tuning For Wind Instruments, by Shelley Jagow.