What is ABC?

American Band College is the largest master’s degree program, specifically designed for band directors, by band directors, using a world-class faculty in order to help you improve the way you approach directing.

Keep your regular teaching job!

Participate in classes, located in beautiful Ashland, Oregon during a couple of weeks each summer, and complete major projects during the school year with your own students. Study online, network online, and still take advantage of the one-on-one and group performance experiences only offered on location.


No student has the same needs, so we customize each student’s experience. Projects are individually designed to help you improve on all identified weak areas. If you find yourself ignoring a section of your band now because you don’t know how to help them, that will change. In addition, our online study and testing platform, Ultimate Pursuit, can help you improve your knowledge throughout the year.

World-Class Faculty

We utilize the gifts and talents of more than 60 world-class faculty from all over the world in order to present clinics, give one-on-one conducting instruction, rehearse and perform in bands of which you participate. Imagine working under the baton of Frank Ticheli, Robert W. Smith, or Johan de Meij one summer, and returning the next for David Holsinger, Alfred Watkins, Paula Crider, or a number of others the next.

Largest Network of Band Directors

Become one of the more than 1,000 graduates world-wide that have become part of the ABC network. Starting as soon as you enroll, you are never alone. You have access to a large network of band directors and faculty available to answer your questions for the rest of your career. Why wait? Join today!

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