University of North Florida Wind Symphony 
Dr. Erin Bodnar: conductor

Erin Bennett: piano
Brittany Fouche: soprano
Sunshine Simmons: clarinet 
Andrea Venet: percussion
Sarah Jane Young: flute



This is a most fascinating CD of five challenging works masterfully performed by the North Florida Wind Symphony and soloists. And Whether Pigs Have Wings (Holly Harrison) comes from the wry poetry of Lewis Carroll as interpreted by soprano and wind ensemble. This Prismasonic Rock I Stand (Andrea Venet) is a two movement concerto for solo percussionist and wind symphony… with a galaxy of percussion instruments played by soloist and percussion section.The movements are entitled Pahoehoe and Obsidian Rainbow which refer to picturesque naturally-occurring rocks as found from volcanos..Black montuno (Ivette Herryman Rodriguez) gets its title from Scott McAllister’s hard rock influenced composition Black Dog and the Cuban dance tinged montuno. The clarinet soloist vividly portrays the lead protagonist. Home Away from Home (Catherine Likhuta) describes the personal  feelings of relocation (migration) for piano and wind ensemble. Concerto for Flute + Wind Ensemble (Marie A Douglas) features the sounds and rhythms of African Diaspora along with spiritual, blues, hip-hop and other dance stylings of the American South. The soloist takes on the role of the multifaceted, strong and capable woman as what she is and what she can be.