Blessings Flow Cover

by Brett William Dietz 

Recording:West Chester University Wind Ensemble
Conductor: Andrew Yozviak
Soloists: Elizabeth Pfaffle – horn
PublisherMARK MASTERS 54389-MCD




When the West Chester University Wind Ensemble releases a new recording you can always expect excellence. Saisei Fanfare by Brett William Dietz is a most engaging concert opener (Saisei is Japanese for “Rebirth”). Dr. Yozviak has provided a masterful windstration of the Gordon Jacob Concerto for Horn (and Strings). Elizabeth Pfaffle is definitely up to the challenge of this fine work.

Among the symphonies of David Maslanka his most frequently programmed is Symphony No. 4. I would have to say Dr. Yozviak’s interpretation of this one movement symphony is among the finest. Let Blessings Flow into your listening library, you’ll be quite impressed.

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