by Claude T. Smith

Disc: The Music of Claude T. Smith  Volume 1- The Hallmark Compositions

Recording: Tennessee Technical University Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Conductor: Dan Hears

Recording Conductor: Claude T. Smith

Publisher: Mark Vintage Series (reissue) MARK 55991 – MCD


 It is most assuring to know the remarkable band legacy of Claude T. Smith will always thrive in the world of bands and wind ensembles. The first CD in this five-volume series is one no dedicated band folk should miss. The exciting ACCLAMATION briefly wound up with a different music publisher but has returned to its rightful distributor. CITATION is a fine concert march that deserves more exposure. DRAMATIC PRELUDE is a solid essay for band with an optional harp part which truly enhances this piece. EMPERATA OVERTURE was the first published work by Smith and continues to hold a special place in modern band performances. INCIDENTAL SUITE concludes this collection in style. The three-movement Tarantella, Nocturne and Rondo features notable passages for woodwinds and percussion along with interesting brass lines and some rhythmic surprises along the way. A no-brainer for your audio band library.

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