Stravinsky Cover

by JoAnne Harris

Disc: STRAVINSKY: Alone No More

Recording: Hartwick Faculty Wind Octet

Conductor: Andrew Pease

Publisher: MARK MASTERS 54684 – MCD


The title of this outstanding recording was influenced by the Octet for Wind Instruments by Igor Stravinsky (1923/1952), especially the instrumentation (flute, clarinet, two bassoons, two trumpets, trombone and bass trombone). So unique was this scoring that it inspired the conductor to seek other composers to create new works within that particular instrumental parameter. JoAnne Harris, Chris Lamb, Michael Markowski and Oliver Caplan present their diverse and distinctive compositions for “Stravinskian” Octet on this most fascinating recording. The actual Stravinsky Octet is also included in this program. Most highly applauded and recommended. 

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