The Music of Hiroki Takahashi

Various Bands and Conductors

Purchase from Brain Music OSBR-32017. (notes are in Japanese)

Hiroki Takahashi is a proud Japanese composer, and his band compositions are most impressive. Included in this collection is The Amusement Park Suite (originally written for saxophone trio or quartet). This joyful, challenging work is featured in the composer’s setting for full band. The Mozart Time March takes music from the master and interweaves these themes into a clever, original march. British Folk Song March is an imaginative arrangement of Greevesleeves with Annie Laurie in the trio section.

The best way to describe the incredible title work could be the following; a traveling circus visits a small town and offers an exciting cavalcade of the classic circus, performers and music stylings of a bygone era. The senario soon morphs into a modern circus with various new attractions and the music sounds of today.

There is so much to savor with this recording, I would definitely recommend exploring Hiroki’s World.