UNLV Wind Orchestra Non-Negotiables

  1. Be early, be prepared musically, be warmed up and tuned.
  2. Come to rehearsal open-minded and ready to learn in ways that you might not yet understand.
  3. Commit to your musical responsibilities at any/every moment in music rehearsals; know your musical role at all times.
  4. Know how your principal player is functioning musically, articulative style, timbre, volume/density and expression, and then apply to your own playing.
  5. Know where the melody and focal material is at all times and protect it by playing within a proper balance with it.
  6. Respect your colleagues & show ultimate respect to the podium. 
  7. Stay quiet and focused. 
  8. Recognize the musical accomplishments of your colleagues at every rehearsal, be sure to congratulate them when warranted.
  9. Participate in the learning atmosphere artistically & academically and enjoy the experience of working hard within the arts.

10. Commit to performing beyond the ink—the music lives beyond the ink.