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So… you want to play the drums?

Chapter One:  Anatomy of a Drum Set 
Anatomy of a Drum Set
Parts of a Drum
Putting it All Together

Chapter Two: Hands
Pick a Stick
Get a Grip
Brush Technique

Chapter Three: Feet
Anatomy of the Pedal
Heels Up or Heels Down?
Foot Builder Exercises

Chapter Four: Let’s Play!
Practice Tips
I have to read how many notes at once?
Coordination Exercises
Choose Your Own Drum Set Adventure
Ready to Rock!
Swing, Swing, Swing
Hot Latin Beats
Set Ups, Kicks, and Hits (Oh my!)
Drum Set Solo Etudes

Chapter Five: Where to go from here
Resources for Further Practice
Resources and Acknowledgement

This method assumes that you are already familiar with reading rhythms. If that is not the case,! talk to your band teacher or visit for help.

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