A Special Award of

The John Philip Sousa Foundation

Rob Cebriak has been Director of Bands at Gahanna Lincoln High School for the past 13 years. Before taking that post, he was Director of Bands at Gahanna Middle School West, Miami Trace High School, Crestview Local Schools, and Washington Court House Middle School.

Over the course of his 29 year career, Rob served OMEA All-State Coordinator, All-State Band Chair, All-State Jazz Chair, State Adjudicated Event Region Chair, Music Selection Committee, Adjudicator, and District Treasurer. He has also been an Ohio Teacher of the Year Nominee in 2020, Phi Beta Mu International Bandmasters Fraternity member, and American School Band Directors Association member.

Mr. Cebriak received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from The Ohio State University and his Master’s of Music from Ithaca College.

His bands have been selected to perform at the Ohio Music Education Association State Conference, Capital University Band Music Festival, and Ohio Band Directors Conference. Other accomplishments include Gahanna Lincoln High School Gold Band, straight superior ratings in class AA at OMEA district and state level in all years,
Gahanna Lincoln High School Blue Band, superior ratings in class B or class C at district level in all years, and
Gahanna Lincoln High School Freshman Band, superior ratings in class C at district level in all years.

The Bandworld Legion of Honor was established in 1989 to honor, over the course of a year, eight of the finest band directors in our business.

Recipients have taught for at least fifteen years, have maintained a very high-quality concert band program, and have contributed significantly to the profession through dedication to bands and band music.

Each is honored at the annual Sousa Foundation awards ceremony during the Midwest Band Clinic in Chicago, Illinois.

Chairman of the Legion of Honor Committee is Terry Austin, Virginia Commonwealth University.

When asked what factors do you consider most important in shaping your career, Rob states, “The most influential factor in shaping my career has been the guidance of my mentors. I have been fortunate to learn from and work beside some true masters in our field. Although I never played under his baton, my father, Tony Cebriak, was a high school band director for 34 years and taught me high standards, the importance of quality literature, and to value every student, regardless of ability. My middle school band director, Sandy Stuart, reinforced those high standards and demonstrated careful, sequential methodology. My student teaching cooperating teacher (and later my colleague) Jeff Shellhammer, showed me how to structure a large program for success, how to build a team of teachers to maximize everyone’s strengths, and that music’s foremost value was in its ability to be expressive. My first colleague, Dennis Wollam, emphasized that fundamentals were essential at every level and on every day.

“Three of these four master teachers have since been inducted into the Ohio Band Directors Hall of Fame. I am incredibly fortunate and grateful that I was able to learn from them. They were an inspiration to their students and to their colleagues, and their example and commitment to excellence have guided my own teaching.”

His professional philosophy statement is, “As a band director, my responsibility is to provide the opportunity for every student to have quality and impactful musical performances. Each student deserves to study high quality literature, appropriate to their ability, and to be encouraged to push themselves to greater levels of musicianship. Through the process of learning and performing band music, I aim to help young men and women grow into independent, mature adults; to build a nurturing sense of camaraderie; and to provide inspiring and moving musical experiences for our students, parents, and community.”