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ABC at Hilton Hotel FAQ

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The 33rd American Band College will be coming to you live from the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center in Sea-Tac! We are presenting ABC in a new and exciting location in order to uphold the integrity of working in person while maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Location / Maps

Where will ABC classes be held this year?
Due to restrictions caused by COVID, it would be difficult to hold classes in Ashland, Oregon at the high school. To allow safe, social distancing, we will host the entire ABC event at the Hilton Seattle Airport Conference Center & Hotel in Sea-Tac (20 miles south of Seattle, across the road from Sea-tac airport)
Will the dates be the same this year?
Yes, the dates are the same as previous ABC years (June 20 - July 5). You can get detailed info via the ABC schedule.
What airport is the closest?
If you are flying into the area, use the Seattle Airport (SEA). MAP
How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
There is a free shuttle service from the Seattle Airport to the Hilton Hotel.
Where should I park if I am driving to ABC?
The Hilton Hotel has their own parking structure on-site. $15 per day. You will pay for parking directly to the Hilton Hotel.
Do I need a car at ABC?
No. All events will take place at the Hilton Seattle Airport Conference & Hotel in Sea-Tac. The Light Rail is across the street from the hotel for easy access to downtown Seattle (20 miles away).
Where do I find a map of the hotel?
Where will clinics be held?
All ABC clinic sessions will be held in the spacious Emerald Ballroom at the Conference Center. This large ballroom will allow us to social distance during clinics and also give us table space for each student.
Where do I check-in for ABC?
The ABC check-in/registration will be in the lobby area of the Emerald Ballroom.
Where will rehearsals be held?
Rehearsals will take place in the Crystal and Summit Ballrooms.


What lodging options do I have?
There are a couple of lodging options at the hotel. You can choose to have your own room, or share one with another student. The lodging fees and availability are listed under your ABC account (lodging tab). If the lodging option is grayed out, it is no longer available at the Hilton Hotel.
Does the hotel offer double occupancy?
Yes. You can also choose your roommate under the lodging tab in your ABC Account. If want a roommate to lower the cost of lodging and you don't have one selected, ABC will pair you up with another ABC student.
Does the hotel offer breakfast?
Yes. The hotel has a plan for the Complimentary Continental Breakfast for the large group on June 19 – July 6.

Since the restaurant is currently closed for Breakfast (Hot plated breakfast and other items may be purchased at the Barista/ Coffee Shop directly outside of the Spencer’s Restaurant), we will have a large station with the Pre-Made Continental Breakfast Bags in the center of the Spencer’s Restaurant, along with a self-serve Coffee/ Tea station.

Each guest will grab a bag, help themselves to coffee or tea (we will have to-go cups) and either sit and eat in the restaurant, take it back to their room, or meeting room.

No need to stand in line and submit vouchers, etc…

Breakfast Items: Yogurt, Whole Fruit, Granola Bars, Muffin or another Pastry, OJ (bottled in bag), Coffee/ Tea (self serve station). We will vary items slightly daily .
Do I pay ABC or the hotel directly?
Similar to previous years, you will pay your lodging fee to ABC in your ABC Account.
If I already signed up for a room in Ashland, do I need to update my ABC account?
Yes. You will need to login to your ABC Account and let us know what type of lodging you prefer, and also choose your roommate, if applicable. The last day to make any lodging changes is June 1st.
Are there fridges and microwaves in the hotel rooms?
There are small fridges in the rooms, but you will need to use the microwave in the community areas on each floor.
Are there laundry facilities at the Hilton?
There are extremely limited laundry facilities at the Hilton. One washer/one dryer at the cost of $3.00 per load to wash and dry. There are also other laundromats within a short drive. Click Here


Is there a meal plan this year?
No. Unfortunately, we can't offer a meal plan this year, but continental breakfast is included with the hotel price.
Is there a restaurant or coffee shop in the hotel?
Yes. There is a coffee shop to grab a quick bite or Spencer's Restaurant for sit-down options.
What other meal options do I have near the hotel?
There are some restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. Visit our restaurant webpage for more info.

COVID Response

Will social distancing be enforced?
Yes. Masks must be worn in hotel areas (lobby, ballrooms, classrooms, rehearsal areas). In addition, social distancing will be enforced during clinics and rehearsals. The Hilton Hotel has large ballrooms to accommodate all clinics and rehearsals.
Can guests attend the concert and ceremonies?
Instead of allowing guests to attend this year, our concerts and ceremonies will be streamed. Thanks for understanding.
Will PPE be required for rehearsals?
Yes. ABC will purchase all required PPE for rehearsals and supply special masks, bell covers, cleaning spray, hand sanitizer, etc. as needed.
Can I bring my own PPE?
You are welcome to bring your own masks for non-rehearsal events. However, ABC requires that students wear special masks and use bell covers during rehearsals and concerts.
Where/when do I get PPE?
All rehearsal and concert PPE will be distributed to students when they check-in at the ABC registration table, located in the foyer of the Emerald Ballrooms. Check-in will start the morning of June 19.

General Questions

Will ABC be offered virtually this summer?
No. We feel that the best option for this summer is for ABC to be presented in person at the spacious facilities at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center. ABC and CWU feel it is important for students to conduct a live ensemble as part of the Masters of Music Degree.
Will the Exit Exams be the same?
The only difference will be for 3rd year students and the Startup Lessons. These will be recorded by the ABC candidate at home and submitted online by July 9. Details .
Do I have the option to borrow an instrument this summer?
Yes. ABC does have some larger instruments for you to borrow. Contact Paul Kassulke to check for availability.
Are there places we can store our instruments?
Instrument cases can be stored next to you or under your chair during rehearsals. When not in use, rehearsal rooms will be locked and larger instruments can be stored near your chair. However, ABC is not responsible for loss or damage to your items/instrument during your time at ABC.
Will there be places to charge our computers during clinics/rehearsals?
No. We won't be able to lay down extension cords in the clinic and rehearsal spaces this summer. You can charge your devices in your hotel room during rehearsal and our 90-minute lunch break. A great option for additional power is to purchase an external power bank, similar to those offered by RavPower. RavPower Website.