WIBC U - Sponsorship

Bring your students and you both save!

Save $40 each if you and your student register for WIBC.

Here's how it works:

If you register for WIBC and attendee the convention, you and your accepted college students will each save $40. As their director, you will save $40 for each partipant from your school.

TIP: Don't pay for your registration now if you want to apply the sponsorship to your registration. After you receive the sponsorship $BandDollars, you can apply it to reduce your registration fee.

Sponsorship Payment Details:
As a director, you may receive 40 $Banddollars per sponsored student (no limit) if you and each student register for WIBC. You can use the $Banddollars to reduce your registration fee or purchase online items from Bandworld.org. Example, if three students all register for WIBC after auditioning for the honor band, you would receive 120 $Banddollars and each student would receive $40 off their WIBC U registration.

Please note that sponsorships are on a first come basis. Therefore the same student cannot be sponsored by 2 different directors (only the 1st sponsorship would be valid).

Contact Scott McKee, CEO, with questions:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (541) 778-4880

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