MakeMusic Cloud WIBC Audition Files


You can assign MakeMusic Cloud files for Set A or Set B WIBC audition music by downloading the XML files below. Click here for PDF Versions

Open your MakeMusic Cloud teacher account, click on compose, and import the XML file to access the music and assign to your students. Click here for help

  • Music Set A - Download the separate XML files for each instrument. Each instrument has a different solo in addition to the Chromatic Scale and Danny Boy files.
  • Music Set B - Download the folder with all three Set B XML files (Chromatic Scale, Minor Etude, Danny Boy). Create assignments for all instruments from these three files.

Music Set B - All Instruments

Music Set B (XML files)

Choose two of the three percussion solos below
Mallet     Timpani      Snare

PDF Versions -- Set A and Set B

Set A Parts

Set B Parts + Score • Set B can be rehearsed with full band