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Virtual WIBC FAQs (Students)

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Will WIBC be held in person this year?
Unfortunately, due to restrictions caused by COVID, we will not have WIBC in Seattle this year. We are presenting Virtual WIBC online, via Zoom.


When is Virtual WIBC?
February 20 and 21, 2021.
What does the Virtual WIBC schedule look like?
Visit our WIBC Schedule page for more information.
How will Virtual WIBC be presented?
Once you register for Virtual WIBC, you will be able to login and access all of the Zoom sessions. Some sessions will be offered as webinars and others will be presented in Zoom breakout rooms (sectionals, smaller group meetings, etc.).
If I miss a session, can I watch it later?
If you are registered for Virtual WIBC, you can login to your account and access all Zoom sessions for 30 days after the convention is over.

Auditions & Fees

Do high school students audition this year?
Yes, we will have the same audition process as usual and the deadline is January 22. Click here for audition material.
Can high school students attend Virtual WIBC without auditioning?
No. Only accepted honor band students can attend Virtual WIBC.
How much is the Virtual WIBC audition fee for high school students?
The audition fee is $20 which is due when submitting the audition.
How much is the Virtual WIBC registration fee for high school students?
The fee is $95 for the two-day online convention.
I need to CANCEL my WIBC registration. How much money do I get back?
Visit this webpage for more information.

Performances & Featured Composers / Artists

Will the honor band students perform music?
Yes. The honor band students will be placed into four different honor bands. The musicians from each band will practice and record one piece by one of our guest composers. The recorded videos will be produced by Christopher Bill along with his team and students will be given access to a high-quality video performance of their piece.
How/When will honor band students get their music?
Students will be able to access their honor band piece by logging into their WIBC accounts. Music will be available on Monday, Feb. 8.
Which guest composers will be featured at Virtual WIBC?
Frank Ticheli, John Mackey, Robert W. Smith, and Brian Balmages will be featured at Virtual WIBC this Feb. Honor band students will play the music of one of these composers and learn about the piece during a Zoom session with the composer.
When is the virtual video recording due?
Once honor band students are accepted, they will be placed in one of the WIBC honor bands and will given a piece of music written by one of our guest composers. Students will have access to the music for three weeks to prepare their recording. The deadline for the video recording of their part is Sunday, Feb. 28.
Will students still be considered for the Australia trip (Pacific Honors Ensemble Program)?
Yes. WIBC will choose the top 20 auditions and will invite those honor band students to participate in the PHEP program/trip to Australia which takes place late September (2021).
Which guest artists/teachers will be featured at Virtual WIBC?
WIBC honor band students will attend two different sessions/master classes on their instrument. Visit our WIBC Educators/Artists page for more info on more than 45 different educators/artists featured at WIBC.
What other sessions/events will be offered at Virtual WIBC?
Guest artists will perform solos at the end of each day. Students will receive sectional help on virtual music. Honor band students will team up during game night. Students will get virtual recording help from Christopher Bill and much more!