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FAQ: WIBC Honor Bands

Registration/Audition Information

Where can I find the WIBC audition music?

What is the difference between WIBC Music Set A and Set B?

As a percussionist, what should I record for my auditon?

What should I use to record my audition?

How do I register online for WIBC, as an Honor Band student?

How do I upload my audition sound file(s)?

When is the application/audition deadline for the current convention?

When will I find out the results of my audition?

Honor Band Fees

What is the total cost if I stay at home or with friends in the area?

What does my WIBC participation fee cover?

What is the total cost to attend WIBC (lodging/participation fee)?

I need to CANCEL my invitation to WIBC. How much money do I get back?

WIBC Housing Information

If I choose the hotel lodging, is there supervision?

Can I room with my friend(s) from my school at WIBC?

Can I room with my friend(s) from another school at WIBC?

Can we have more than 4 people to a room?

WIBC Convention Information

Can I miss a rehearsal for another important school or family event?

If I am missing a part of music, how do I get it before I come to WIBC in Seattle?

When is WIBC held and for how many days?

What is the basic schedule for the activities at WIBC?

What is College Night?

Where is WIBC held?

How do I get to the Double Tree Hotel Seattle Airport?

What kind of restaurants are nearby to the Double Tree Hotel?

How much money should I bring for food during the weekend?

What should I wear during my concert on Monday?

How do I get/buy tickets for concerts?

Should I bring a stand to WIBC?

If I have to cancel my WIBC invitation after I have been selected, what do I do?

If I get sick or miss rehearsals while I am at WIBC, what do I do?

Photos, Yearbook and CD's

How do I get photos that were taken during WIBC?

How/when do I get my free CD of my performance at WIBC?

How/when do I get Video Yearbook that I ordered at WIBC?


Email Scott McKee, Organizing Director
Call (541) 778-4880