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Here are some useful Auditions Made Easy resources.

How does it work?

  • Each student records their audition
  • Each student uploads to your event
  • Screeners (anywhere in the world) listen online
  • Screeners score each student online
  • You use scores to determine placement
  • You just saved hundreds of hours!


  • Free to setup and test and NO software to install
  • Quick, easy setup and administration
  • No more mailing disks - Screen auditions from anywhere!
  • Customize your Auditions with your logo and instructions
  • Custom data fields: add extra data fields that you need to capture
  • Custom band or orchestra instrument lists for audition

Getting Started

Getting start is easy and you can have your first auditon up and running in minutes.

  • Sign In or Create an account
  • Setup your Organization
  • Create an audition event and test it
  • Purchase audition units and set your audition to Open
  • Notify people how to get to the audition.
Get Started Now

Purchase Audition Units

Audition Units are required to Open your Audition Events. Buy larger quantities for the best price!

FREE Audition Starter Kit

Order this kit to setup your audition system and try it for free.


100 Audition Units

$100.00 $90.00

200 Audition Units

$200.00 $175.00

500 Audition Units

$500.00 $440.00

1000 Audition Units

$1,000.00 $850.00

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