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8 Auditions Found

Name (click to review)InstrumentSchoolScoreEmailaID
Gilhurst, Demo7ClarinetL. L. Lemkee H. S. 96[email protected]76
Duckworth, Demo4ClarinetL. L. Lemkee H. S. 65[email protected]69
Edwards, Demo5ClarinetL. L. Lemkee H. S. 50[email protected]70
Brant, Demo2ClarinetL. L. Lemkee H. S. 42[email protected]67
Frank, Demo6TrumpetL. L. Lemkee H. S. 90[email protected]71
Lemkee, ZekeTrumpetL. L. Lemkee H. S. 78.2[email protected]66
Chandler, Demo3TrumpetL. L. Lemkee H. S. 71[email protected]68
Holley, Demo8TrumpetL. L. Lemkee H. S. 50[email protected]77