Virtual ABC FAQ

Virtual ABC FAQ

Due to security needs, all ABC attendees will be issued a previously activated zoom account ending in (example: Your login details will be sent to your ABC registered email before ABC starts.

to your Account

  1. Download and open the Zoom app.
  2. Sign In - If already signed in to another zoom account, sign-out of that account before sign-in to the ABC zoom account.
  3. Use the Temporary password given to you in the email

You will need to use this Zoom account for signing into all meetings. (note: Only accounts will have access to meetings.

Remember your password. You may request a password reset in the zoom app/website. Our admins will work with you to get your password reset.


All meeting room links are found embedded on Google Calendars. Download only those that affect you..

Attending Clinics/Rehearsals/Meetings

  • From the Calendar
    • Click on the event
    • Click on the link
  • If you are signed into your account, you should be set
  • If not, switch accounts in the Zoom app to the correct account
  • When It is time for the next event, click on that link in the calendar

For the best experience

  • Bring your positive attitude
  • Use an Ethernet Connection
    • If your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet port, you can purchase one
    • You should find an Ethernet port on your router to connect to.
  • If not available, Stay close to the WIFI source
  • Keep unnecessary apps closed
  • Keep mic muted unless speaking
  • The space bar can be used to talk - hold down like a Walkie-Talkie

Contact Ted Burton Email or Cell with any questions.

John Mackey

Randall Standridge

Brian Balmages

Robert Shelon