New ABC Community Groups

The American Band College is implementing a NEW Community Groups program in order to spread the word of ABC and spread the wealth in the form of recruitment bonuses.

Recruit Others
  • ABC wants to build on the already strong feeling of community amongst attendees and grads.
  • By creating social groups, those cells of up to 5 members will enjoy special benefits.
  • The idea is to plan for moments when your group can be together; and invite non-ABCers to join you.
  • When you host an event, ABC will give you shirts and other items that your recruits will get as well.
  • When a new person registers for ABC, all members of your group also enjoy growing financial benefits.

Save Money

For every new recruit that registers for ABC, the entire group is credited with $100 each.

Once the group gets it's 6th registered recruit, a $300 BONUS is added to each member.

Have Fun
  • Throw a party to get the new recruits excited!
  • Contact us for Swag to give away.
  • Get creative.
  • Let us know how we can help.

American Band College