ABC Community Group Details

Starting out
When you arrive at the ABC Groups screen for the first time, you will see "No Group Selected." You may either Start a New Group or Search for a Group.

Start a New Group
This will place you into a new group by yourself and assign a group number. You can tell others to find your group and join it. (see Search for a Group below)

Search for a Group
The search screen provides several methods to locate groups to join. Search by (student) Name, Search by Group Number and View All Groups.

After you perform a search, and at least one matching group is found, you may click on Join this Group. Note that a group may be locked (cannot be joined) when it is full (5 or more members) or it has already successfully recruited a new ABC candidate.

After you create or join a group, your group # will be displayed. Tell this to others so they can easily find your group and join it.

Group members and Recruitment efforts
After you create or join a group, the members are listed on the left and the recruits (if any) are listed on the right.

Click +Add Recruit to enter a potential candidate's name, email and phone (optional). Then click Add Recruit to save it and the new recruit will be added to the Recruitment efforts list.

We will send a simple email inviting the recruit to join us at the next ABC. The recruit and your entire group will earn rewards to save on your ABC registration, hotel, etc. See rewards below for details.

Group is full or locked
A group that has 5 or more members is full. A group becomes locked after a new recruit registers for ABC. As a group member, you may leave your group (to join a different group or start your own), but you cannot leave or join a locked group. Locked groups are already accumulating recruitment benefits so they are locked to prevent others from trying to get in on the action, so to speak.

Recruitment Rewards
Click here for reward details

Have Questions?
Feel free to contact us for additional information.