ABC Conducting Info

2nd & 3rd Year Conducting

Due to the shift to an online form of ABC this summer, second and third-year students will need to record a video of themselves conducting the piece. This will be uploaded by the student to YouTube and shared with the students and assessment faculty through a link provided. Please provide the highest quality video possible, including the accompanying audio.


  • All initial videos due June 17
  • Create new video and updated lesson plan for second week.
    • This is completed after meeting with assessment faculty & composer
    • 2nd week video and updated lesson plan is due 2 days before 2nd viewing - Check Schedule


Video Recording

  • Use a phone or camera
  • Place camera in front with full View of you
  • Use appropriate front lighting so the you are clear and well lit
  • Minimize lighting from the rear
  • Record your conducting video to the supplied recording
  • Take a test video in order to make sure audio is heard (best to use external speakers or good computer speakers)
  • Upload video file to YouTube and label as Unlisted
  • Share Video Link on Google Form and PDF Document

Lesson Plan Document

  • Complete Lesson Plan Form
    • 2nd Year Document - Include detailed procedure on your approach to sight-reading your piece of music.
    • 3rd Year Document - Include anticipated problems along with possible solutions. Similar to RE#2.
  • Save Form as PDF
  • Upload to Google Form with your YouTube conducting video Link

Other Links

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Contact Ted Burton with questions

John Mackey

Randall Standridge

Brian Balmages

Robert Shelon