American Band College

How much is the registration deposit for ABC?

Down payment for ABC is $500. None of the $500 deposit is refundable if canceling. All $ do apply to amount due but only for the current ABC summer enrollment year. The amount is not forwardable to a future year.

The entire deposit amount is applied to fees due to ABC. Final payment amounts reflect the total less $500.

At checkout, you will have the opportunity to pay the base amount (which will show on the screen) or any higher amount. You may return at any time in the future to post other ABC payments. Our charges reflect local expenses only (lodging, meals, facility costs, the ABC Big Book, etc.) It includes motel/meal package (unless you are making your own lodging & meal arrangements).

Other costs to cover the cost of classes and related expense for faculty, etc. are paid in total, directly to Central Washington University. Balances due to ABC or to CWU can only be paid directly to those entities. If you are applying for Financial Aid, those dollars are applied to your account at Central Washington University in June.

Any remaining balance due to ABC must be paid in full by midnight June 10 through our website or by personal check, regardless of Financial Aid award receipt dates. Costs due ABC are never internally transferred to CWU accounts, so ABC local expense balances must be paid directly to us through our website.

If you are paying the ABC balance by personal or school check, that check must ARRIVE in Ashland by June 10.


Central Washington University GRADUATE SCHOOL ADMISSION: You may start this process at any time through CWU's website.

Central Washington University CLASS REGISTRATION: Class registration begins in May. Visit this ABC FAQ with additional info on courses and the CWU registration process.

American Band College and Central Washington University Fees