American Band College

Where/when do I send my practical applications and research projects?

Both MUST be shipped to the following address:

American Band College
407 Terrace St.
Ashland, OR 97520

All candidates must send their Practical Application and Research Projects to arrive by midnight on August 5. Both projects may be shipped together.

  • 1st year: Mus 616 Seminar:Ped (PA#1)
  • 1st year: Mus 613 Seminar:Theory (RE#1)
  • 2nd year: MUS 616 Seminar: Ped (PA#2)
  • 2nd year: MUS 612 Seminar: Lit (RE#2)
  • 3rd year: MUS 616 Seminar: Ped (PA#3)
  • 3rd year: MUS 521 Seminar: Lit (RE#3)
    • If either project arrives late, graduation for that summer will not be possible.
    • If either project fails, graduation for that summer will not be possible.

Grades for all projects will be posted through the Central Washington University web site by late August.

MAILING: Because your projects will not be evaluated if they arrive late, you must use great care in the mailing method. DO NOT use U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail under any circumstances!! There is no guarantee for delivery. These pieces of mail travel at the same speed as First Class mail. We have seen many instances where these packages will be in transit up to 16 days!

Use UPS or FedEx with exact guarantees for delivery. DO NOT require a signature when it arrives as it will not be delivered unless someone is available on this end to sign.

WAIVE the signature requirement.

Use the tracking number to determine when your projects are delivered. Do not contact the ABC office by phone or email regarding arrival; we have over 400 projects arriving in a 10-day period.

PLEASE DO NOT SEAL THE PROJECT ENVELOPES!! These must go to storage in pristine condition. Ship them in surrounding envelope or mailing box.

Be ABSOLUTELY certain that you do not include CWU or Dept. of Music in the mailing address!!

PROJECT SUBMISSION AT ABC: If you are a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year ABC student, and you have your projects completed, you can turn them in to us at ABC on a date specified during ABC. You will receive more information once you get to Ashland.

See the online version of the 3-year checklist for help!