Virtual ABC Testing

Testing Procedure

All testing is accomplished use ABC's Ultimate Pursuit testing platform. Since we are testing remotely this year, there are a few extra requirements in order to satisfy any questions that may arise.

Logging into Zoom
  • Download the Zoom app on your phone, tablet or 2nd computer.
  • Place that device in a position that the camera can focus on your screen and workspace from above and behind.
  • Use the link on the main clinic calendar to log into that device.
  • Turn the microphone off, but leave the video and sound on.
  • Log into Ultimate Pursuit on your computer and begin when instructed.
  • Keep all other apps closed.
  • Only the Ultimate Pursuit tab should be open.
  • You may also keep this page open in case you have a question.
  • You may use a clean sheet of scratch paper.
If you need assistance
John Mackey

Randall Standridge

Brian Balmages

Robert Shelon