Why are wireless-enabled laptops REQUIRED for ABC Master's Candidates?

Many positive changes are being implemented with the use of required laptops:

  1. The Entrance Test, for 1st year students will be given to candidates on their own laptops with wireless internet capabilities.
  2. The test on July 5, for all Master's Candidates, will be given to students on their own laptops with wireless internet capabilities.
  3. Numerous fingering charts, handouts, links, last minute clinician notes/handouts will be available to ABC Master's Candidates with the laptop computers.
  4. Quick ABC quizzes will be offered to students during their time at ABC to help prepare for the July 5th test.
  5. ABC students can create their own ABC tests and testing groups with the use of Ultimate Pursuit!
  6. ABC Master's Candidates will receive feedback responses after they take the ABC Exam on July 5 with PDF examples, fingering charts, helpful links to educational material, etc.
  7. ABC Master's Candidates can start to work on ABC Projects (Practical Applications and Research Projects) while they are on campus.
  8. ABC Master's Candidates can get instant access to Bandworld Magazine (online edition) while in Ashland for ABC Summer.

Ultimate Pursuit (Test now Available):
If you are a current ABC Master's Candidate, you can login to Ultimate Pursuit with your ABC user name and password to take practice tests and create your own exams.

If you have problems logging into Ultimate Pursuit, send us an email for help.

All tests will be given with the use of standard web browsers


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