Can I attend ABC and earn non-master's credits (continuing education credits)?

Yes, you can attend ABC as a non-master's student and earn up to 7 credits per summer. There are several options from which to choose:

  • *[1 Credit] MUSI 6031 - Major Project: Attend In-Between Session (June 27 - 28)
  • [3 Credits] MUSI 5068 - Seminar in Special Problems: Attend Session A (June 20 - June 26)
  • [3 Credits] MUSI 5367 - Score Reading: Attend Session B (June 29 - July 4)

The cost per credit is $525, payable to The University.

*It is not possible to take only the MUSI 6031 In-Between Course. When taking MUSI 6031, a non-masters student must also take MUSI 5068 or MUSI 5067. Credits are not usable as part of the masters program should a person change to the master's degree candidate track at a later time.

Total maximum credits at The University that are not part of a masters track is 12.

Admission to The University:(This is required even if only taking non-masters credits.)

  1. Application for Admission -
  2. Three letters of recommendation. (Send to The University' Office of Graduate Studies.)
  3. ALL official transcripts (undergraduate as well as all graduate courses taken). Send to The University's Office of Graduate Studies.

Register with ABC:

Create account or login and choose "Non-masters Credits Only" under Candidate Status in the first screen.


MUSI 6031   Major Project  [In-Between Course] - 1 Credit

This course must be taken along with MUSI 5367 and/or MUS 5068, not by itself.
This course is taken by all American Band College master's degree candidates. The instructors responsible for teaching the class on June 27 and 28 will assign groups to a project that each of those groups will submit online by midnight-June 30.

MUSI 5068   Seminar in Special Problems - 3 Credits

By attending all sessions between June 20 to 26, those taking this course are charged with gathering 6 useful teaching tools as presented by guest conductors (and even candidate conductors). Taking the concept of each, it is required to turn these segments into fully-implemented classroom teaching tools that include a complete explanation and may include written musical examples, group participation drills or games, special charts or diagrams, etc. to make each tool usable by any conductor. It is expected these items will be professional in quality as PDFs or in any other printable form. Due by 11:00 a.m., July 5. See below regarding upload.

MUSI 5367   Score Reading - 3 Credits

By attending all sessions between June 29-July 4, those taking this course are charged with selecting two pieces of music from the compositions performed or sightread at this year's ABC for which a complete set of training tools can be developed. It is recommended, though not required, that pieces useful with your own band be chosen. The materials must contain music examples (utilizing standard computer-based notation software) that can be performed by the band (in unison and/or harmony) that teach rhythm concepts, key signature development, melodic materials for phrase development, advanced technique sections that can be simplified and initially broken down to short units in slow tempos and/or expanded note length versions. It is further recommended that the entire band be involved in most of the tool segments even though the rhythm or technical passage is not represented in all instrument parts. Due by 11 a.m., July 5. See below regarding upload of the final project.

Uploading of the final project(s)

The MUSI 5068 and MUSI 5367 projects must be in uploadable format and put in place through Ultimate Pursuit no later than 11:00 a.m., July 5. (See ABC staff for further instructions after ABC is under way.) These can include PDFs, jpgs, music notation files, etc. The Ultimate Pursuit "test" questions will be one for each project and have ways to upload the materials. This will become available to individuals taking either of the courses by July 1. Upload can be done up until 11:00 a.m., July 5.

The MUSI 6031 course projects will be uploaded directly to The University' Blackboard (online) system. Each member of each group will need individual copies of the final project. Upload can be done as late as midnight, June 30. See ABC staff during the June 27-28 class for more details.


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