When are the 3 special courses offered during my 3 summers in Ashland?

There are 3 courses under MUS 611.002 Seminar: Mus Ed that change content each summer and that ALL ABC masters candidates are required to take. This course is always offered June 27 and 28.

ABC on site classes start on June 20. Known as Session A, it ends with the concert on June 25. June 26 is a day of rest with special course online activity and class information set for June 27 and June 28.

The current rotation of content is expected to be chosen from the following topics:

  1. Jazz Pedagogy (This is the topic for 2019.)
  2. Breathing Gym Gymnastics in the Classroom
  3. Leadership Training and Advocacy
  4. Percussion Workshop

The course concludes with major group projects that are to be completed and uploaded to Central Washington University's (online) system by midnight June 30. Instructors specify groups and provide required direction for the projects.

A candidate who, for any reason, skips a year of attendance may run into a problem if the instructor and content for the year he or she returns is the same as that taken by that candidate in a previous year.


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