How does ABC track my progress?

ABC tracks progress in each and every final exam taken by candidates and uses side-by-side Status Reports that compare previous results with the most recent exam. By looking at the percentages on each of those reports, the candidate can see if their low percentage areas are making good progress.

To quantify all aspects of status including grades, overall GPA and conducting development, ABC uses these three status indicators.


Central Washington University automatically places a candidate on CWU Probationary status if their GPA is below 3.0. After a term where the status has not improved, CWU will suspend the candidate from the Graduate School.

If the candidate's music theory entrance percentage is below 70%, a same-year December retake will be required; full admission will be denied until the passing percentage is met. The candidate will not be able to enroll for additional course work in a following year until the passing percentage is met.


If a candidate's entrance exam percentage is below 60%, ABC extends the candidate's program to four years. Only at the conclusion of the 2nd year in the program will the ABC graduate faculty reassess progress in all areas of study to determine if the extra year can be removed.


When a candidate has four study areas in which composite scores are below 70%, ABC sends an Advisory notification via Ultimate Pursuit. When five or more exist, the candidate receives specific, required actions that must be met. It is required that all candidates, on probation, must complete monthly practices test on all weak areas (10 questions per weak area, per month).

Candidates receive monthly emails with links to their Ultimate Pursuit Progress Reports. The ABC faculty will update any required status change in mid April.


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