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This is a generic 1st year list
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May 01 Register for ABC Student ABC Registration View
May 01 Apply for SHSU Admission Student Apply Texas View
May 01 Financial Aid (optional) Student SHSU Financial Aid Website View
May 01 Apply for Bearkat OneCard - Financial Aid (optional) Student Apply for Bearkat OneCard View
May 30 Register for Courses at SHSU Student SHSU MySam Website View
May 30 Paid-in Full at SHSU Student SHSU MySam Website View
June 10 Paid-in Full at ABC Student ABC Registration
June 10 MUSI 6181 (video project) Student MUSI 6181 Recital Project View
June 10 Upload Mp3 file of band Student Bandworld My Account View
June 10 Upload Baby Photo Student Bandworld My Account View
June 10 Upload Current Photo Student Bandworld My Account View
June 10 Type Short Bio Student Bandworld My Account View
June 19 Take ABC Theory Exam Student View
June 19 Take ABC Entrance Exam Student View
June 20 Pass ABC Theory Exam Student Ultimate Pursuit View
June 24 Complete online Practical Applications Form Student Bandworld My Account View
June 30 Upload MUSI 6031 (In-Between Course Project) Student SHSU Blackboard (online) View
July 02 Discuss MUSI 6181 comments/grade with ABC Assessment Faculty Student View
July 05 Take Final Exam Student Ultimate Pursuit View
July 05 Play in Rehearsal Diagnostics Ensemble Student View
July 11 ABC Final Exam Graded ABC My ABC Reports View
July 28 MUSI 5398 (Research #1 Project) Received Student ABC Project Form View
July 28 Upload MUSI 5398 project to SHSU Blackboard Student SHSU Blackboard (online)
August 04 MUSI 6285 (Practical Appliation #1) Received Student ABC Project Form View
August 04 Upload MUSI 6285 project to SHSU Blackboard Student SHSU Blackboard (online)
August 05 Projects Graded ABC My ABC Reports View

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The 3-year student checklist is intended to help you monitor your checklist tasks. The default 1st year list is displayed if you are not logged-in. Login to view your Year specific list and progress (based on your current year in ABC).

Note: All items are updated by our staff after review or automatically based on some condition (e.g., you uploaded your photo). Please be patient and bear in mind that many updates may take considerable time for review (up to a month). If you believe an item should be marked complete and the deadline is near, please contact us for more information.

You may also want to examine the complete 3-year checklist document for more details.

Item Status

Each item in your list has four possible statuses:
Normal: (No icon) Item is not yet overdue, warning or complete.
Complete: Item is complete. No further action required.
Warning: Item will be due soon. Get started on the item (unless it is Optional).
Overdue: Item is past due. Please contact us immediately to determine severity.

Items to View

The Items to View dropdown allows 2 different ways to view items:
1) If you are not logged-in, you can view a generic 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year checklist. Choose the list you wish to view.
2) If you are logged-in, your current year list (all items), along with your progress is displayed by default.
When logged-in, you may filter the items displayed by choosing: All, Warning, Overdue or Completed.

Warning Status

Each item can fall into a warning status as the due date approaches. The warning status is just a reminder that you should get started on that item and heed the due date, unless it is Optional and you wish to skip it. Some items have an earlier warning status because they may take longer to complete. For example, Applying for SHSU admission involves a number of steps so this item has a 3 month long warning period which provides ample time to complete the item. Conversely, some items are easy to complete and have a much shorter warning period (e.g, upload your photo in My Account).

Optional Items

Some items are Optional as indicated in the Item description. These items will still display warning status when the due date approaches, however, optional items will not show Overdue if you elect to skip them.

4th Year Checklist Items

If you are 4th year student, many of the items on your checklist may or may not be required depending on your four year plan. Please review each row carefully to determine if you need to complete that item. If you have any questions please contact us at ABC.

How are items updated?

Checklist items are updated, and typically marked complete, from various processes at ABC, such as automated nightly programs that search for certain criteria (example: you paid for ABC registration), to a manual update based on reports we receive from outside sources. (example: you were approved for Financial Aid)

Our staff manages your list; therefore, you cannot change the status of any items in your list. If you think an item should be marked complete, feel free to contact us and discuss the situation. Please Note: If the due date is still quite a long way off, we ask that you wait before contacting us because some manual updates do take some time.

Can I view items from a different year?

Yes, but only a generic year list and only if you are NOT logged-in. To do so, go to the Bandworld home page and sign-out (under My Account). Then return to this list and choose the generic year list you want to view (1st year, 2nd year, etc).

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